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Analysis of medical images using deep learning

  • Since the invention of U-net architecture in 2015, convolutional networks based on its encoder-decoder approach significantly improved results in image analysis challenges. It has been proven that such architectures can also be successfully applied in different domains by winning numerous championships in recent years. Also, the transfer learning technique created an opportunity to push state-of-the-art benchmarks to a higher level. Using this approach is beneficial for the medical domain, as collecting datasets is generally a difficult and expensive process. In this thesis, we address the task of semantic segmentation with Deep Learning and make three main contributions and release experimental results that have practical value for medical imaging. First, we evaluate the performance of four neural network architectures on the dataset of the cervical spine MRI scans. Second, we use transfer learning from models trained on the Imagenet dataset and compare it to randomly initialized networks. Third, we evaluate models trained on the bias field corrected and raw MRI data. All code to reproduce results is publicly available online.

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Author:Almat Utegulov
Place of publication:Koblenz
Referee:Dietrich Paulus, Sabine Bauer
Advisor:Sabine Bauer
Document Type:Master's Thesis
Date of completion:2020/02/13
Date of publication:2020/02/17
Publishing institution:Universität Koblenz, Universitätsbibliothek
Granting institution:Universität Koblenz, Fachbereich 4
Date of final exam:2020/02/12
Release Date:2020/02/17
Number of pages:51
Institutes:Fachbereich 4 / Institut für Computervisualistik
Licence (German):License LogoEs gilt das deutsche Urheberrecht: § 53 UrhG