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Face and Gaze Controlled Onscreen Presentations (FAGCOP)

  • On-screen interactive presentations have got immense popularity in the domain of attentive interfaces recently. These attentive screens adapt their behavior according to the user's visual attention. This thesis aims to introduce an application that would enable these attentive interfaces to change their behavior not just according to the gaze data but also facial features and expressions. The modern era requires new ways of communications and publications for advertisement. These ads need to be more specific according to people's interests, age, and gender. When advertising, it's important to get a reaction from the user but not every user is interested in providing feedback. In such a context more, advance techniques are required that would collect user's feedback effortlessly. The main problem this thesis intends to resolve is, to apply advanced techniques of gaze and face recognition to collect data about user's reactions towards different ads being played on interactive screens. We aim to create an application that enables attentive screens to detect a person's facial features, expressions, and eye gaze. With eye gaze data we can determine the interests and with facial features, age and gender can be specified. All this information will help in optimizing the advertisements.

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Author:Syed Nabil Afaraz Bukhari
Referee:Markus Maron
Advisor:Ulrich Furbach
Document Type:Master's Thesis
Date of completion:2020/03/05
Date of publication:2020/03/09
Publishing institution:Universität Koblenz, Universitätsbibliothek
Granting institution:Universität Koblenz, Fachbereich 4
Date of final exam:2020/05/01
Release Date:2020/03/09
Tag:Artificial Intelligence
Number of pages:5, 93
Institutes:Fachbereich 4
BKL-Classification:54 Informatik
Licence (German):License LogoEs gilt das deutsche Urheberrecht: § 53 UrhG