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Tomographic Imaging of Bauxite Grains Leached Using Hydrochloric Acid

  • X-ray computer tomography (XRT) is a three-dimensional, nondestructive, and thus reproducible examination method that allows for the investigation of internal and external structures of objects. Due to its characteristics, the XRT technique has increasingly established itself as an alternative examination method and is also applied in the field of mineral processing. Within this work, XRT is used to investigate the influence of hydrochloric acid leaching of iron-rich bauxites on grain composition. Acid leaching is a promising method for the beneficiation of iron-rich bauxites for refractories. Many studies have already established that leaching with hydrochloric acid can reduce the Fe₂O₃ content in bauxites. However, apart from the influence of the leaching process on the composition of the bauxites, aspects such as the influence of the acid on the exact grain constitution or the porosity behavior have rarely been considered so far. To address these open questions, XRT analysis was used to examine and characterize various bauxites. By comparing identical grains before and after leaching, it was observed that in gibbsite bauxites the acid penetration is deeper, and the volume decreases significantly. In diasporic and boehmitic bauxites, clear leaching edges can be seen in which the iron content has been reduced.

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Author:Anita Razavi, Alena Stein, Peter Quirmbach
Parent Title (English):Minerals
Document Type:Article
Date of completion:2023/07/10
Date of publication:2023/06/29
Publishing institution:Universität Koblenz, Universitätsbibliothek
Release Date:2023/07/12
Tag:X-ray computer tomography (XRT); acid leaching; bauxite; iron removal; refractory grade
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Last page:15
Institutes:Fachbereich 3 / Institut für Integrierte Naturwissenschaften / Institut für Integrierte Naturwissenschaften, Abt. Chemie
Licence (German):License LogoEs gilt das deutsche Urheberrecht: § 53 UrhG